Pregnant women transportation

Transportation of pregnant and parturient women

  • Pregnant women are transported by the air company only if the term does not exceed 36 weeks (8 months but no more than 4 weeks before parturition), and in case of multiple pregnancy: no more than 32 weeks, in case the health state is satisfactory which should be certified by the certificate of a medical establishment on the pregnancy gestational age  and the health state that is presented to the air company  after 28 weeks of pregnancy which is calculated according to the pregnancy expected gestational age.
  • Pregnant women whose term exceeds 36 weeks and whose expected date of delivery may occur earlier than in 4 weeks should present a medical certificate "MEDIF" on their health state which should be issued by a medical establishment no later than 30 days prior to date of the departure. The medical certificate should state the pregnancy gestational age and present a confirmation that the pregnancy passes without any complications.
  • However the medical certificate "MEDIF" may be required even at an earlier gestational age if the air company representative has doubts about the pregnancy gestational age or the expected delivery period or if the pregnancy passes with complications.
  • The air company refuses to transport pregnant women even if they have the medical certificate "MEDIF', if the delivery is expected in the next 7 days.
  • Transportation of recently confined women and newly born children within the first 7 days after birth is prohibited.
  • For the transportation of premature babies the parents of the infant or the accompanying adults should present a medical certificate "MEDIF" per each infant confirming the possibility of the infant's air transportation.
  • The parties issuing the medical certificates on the possibility of air transportation for the pregnant and parturient women, as well as the parents of the infants and the accompanying adults are responsible for the truthfulness of the medical certificates.
  • In case the health state of the infants gets worse or other negative consequences occur during their air or ground transportation within the airport territory the above mentioned adults bear full responsibility for that.
  • In case the check-in employee (or the air company representative) has any doubts about the safe completion of air trip by the pregnant woman of more than 35 weeks pregnancy, and of 32 weeks in case of multiple pregnancy, transportation of the pregnant woman can  be rejected.