Transportation of pets

For the transportations after April 15, 2017  the transportation of animals (small species of dogs/cats) in the passenger cabin of the aircraft with the total weight of 8 kilos together with the container whose size (the total sum of three dimensions) does not exceed 115 cm and the container's height is less than 25 cm (in case of exceeding those sizes the animal is transported as baggage) is allowed on the regular and charter flights between the flight destination of the Air Company "SHIRAK AVIA". The animal should be placed in a container/transportation bag with air availability; its bottom should be waterproof and covered with an absorbent material. Within the perimeter of the bottom there should be an edge excluding the spread of the absorbent material.  It is prohibited to open the container/transportation bag and take out the animal during the flight. It is prohibited to have more than 2 animals onboard per flight, while one passenger can carry onboard only one animal. Simultaneous transport of both a cat and a dog by the same flight is prohibited.

The transportation is done taking into consideration the restrictions of the destination country.

The Air Company "SHIRAK AVIA" accepts   for transportation as  baggage tame/domestic dogs/cats and domestic birds of small species.

Transport of animals and birds by "SHIRAK AVIA" aircrafts is done according to the preliminary agreement with the air company, as well as with the permission of the destination countries.

Free baggage transportation rules are not applicable to the animals and birds. You should pay for the transportation of animals and birds at the rates defined for excess baggage proceeding from the actual mass of the animal or the bird together with its container/cage. Transport of service animals is an exception.

The issues related to the transport of animals (birds) to any country are regulated by the legislation of the given state. For detailed information we recommend you to apply to the consulate of the country which will be the entry/exit or transit point for your pet.

"SHIRAK AVIA" is not responsible for the lack and/or your incorrect issuance of the documents required for an animal (bird) transportation.

You should inform the air company or its authorized agent about the transportation of an animal (bird) when booking or purchasing a passenger ticket.

If you are flying with an animal (bird)  you should have and submit at the check-in of the ticket the effective documents (certificates) on the health of the animal (bird) issued by the competent veterinary bodies, as well as other documents required by the flights or transit country in case of international flights.

When transported as baggage an animal (a bird) should be placed in a container (cage).


The container (cages) should meet the following requirements:

  • sufficient sizes
  • rigid framework (soft carrying is not permitted)
  • access for air and a firm lock;
  • the bottom of the container (cage) should be waterproof and covered by an absorbent material;
  • along the bottom perimeter there should an edge excluding the spreading of the absorbent material;
  • birds' cages should be covered with a thick lightproof cloth;
  • experimental animals are not allowed for transportation


Guide dogs accompanying passengers with sight/hearing impairment are carried onboard the aircrafts of "SHIRAK AVIA" free of charge in addition to the defined standards for free of charge baggage transportation in case a corresponding training is available which is certified by a certificate. Such a dog should have a collar and a muzzle and it should be tied to the seat beside the feet of its master.

"SHIRAK AVIA" will transport  your  animals and birds in case you take all the responsibility for them. The Air Company does not bear any responsibility for the bodily injury, disease or death of such animals and birds, as well as in case of refusing to transport them or in case of their transportation to/across the border during the flight.

You should follow all the requirements of the air company and are obliged to reimburse to "SHIRAK AVIA" all the damages and additional costs in case the animal (bird) causes a damage to the aircraft, the baggage of other passengers, health  and/or life of the passengers.

In case of transporting a dog as baggage no restrictions are applied as to their breed .