Documentary evidence

  • reference confirming the  fact of the flight;
  • reference on the availability of seats on the given flight (including classes of service and fare types);
  • reference confirming the prices of the current flight (also on  the partially used ticket, on the ticket paid in foreign currency  other than roubles, on  the ticket issued without stating the price);
  • reference on the price of the flight detailed according to the flight legs in case the ticket was issued at a  transfer tariff ;
  • reference on the price of the planned flight;
  • reference on the price of the flight indicating the price up to the point of crossing the RA border according to the current  ticket;
  • reference on confirming the point which is the closest before the point of crossing the RA board;
  • reference on the distances from/to the border of RA;
  • reference confirming excess baggage transportation cost (including the flight legs  in case of transfer transportation); reference  confirming the cargo transportation  price;
  • reference on the price of the planned cargo transportation;
  • other references

The confirmation documents are provided based on the passenger's request.

Documents confirming information on the passenger's having taken a flight (the fact of flying, the price of the flight, the excess baggage transportation cost, etc.)  can be issued only to the person taking the flight or to the person whose minor child has taken the flight (in that case the passport of the child should be attached to the request), or to the person having authorization confirmed by a power of attorney issued in the manner stipulated by the Civil Code, and cannot be issued to a third party including to the husband, wife, other relatives or third party organizations.

Documents of informative nature (confirming the availability of seats, information on the flight delay etc.) can be provided to any party.

For getting the confirmation document a passenger should fill in a request in an established form:

  • request form for providing a reference confirming the fact of flying;
  • request form for issuing other confirmation documents.

A payment at the amount of  AMD 10 000 is charged for issuing a reference.

The requests and payments for issuing confirmation documents are accepted at the air ticket offices.

At the same time, in case the requested confirmation document contains personal data (full name of the passenger, the number of the ID document, ticket number, transportation cost) the request may be filled in only by the passenger himself/herself. In case of sending such request by post the signature of the passenger set on the request should have a notary certification.

The time period for preparing the reference is 15 working days (from the moment the request was submitted to the Air Company "SHIRAK AVIA").

Note: in exceptional cases when there is no possibility to prepare the reference within the established terms the air company employee additionally agrees with the passenger on the time limits for providing the reference by phone.  

The passengers are entitled to:

  • require provision of all the services stipulated by the air transportation contract;
  • turn to the members of the crew and request their defence in case their lives, health or personal dignity is endangered.

Passengers are obliged to:

  • follow the aircraft captain's and the crew members' requests and recommendations;
  • follow general rules of behavior in public areas.

For flight safety reasons the passengers are prohibited to:

  • create situations threatening the flight safety, as well as the passengers' and crew's life (health);
  • create a situation favoring the commitment or occurrence of hooligan behavior, actions that humiliate the honour and dignity of the surrounding people, as well as aggressive actions of third parties;
  • raise one's voice, treat the other passengers and the members of the crew in a non-respectful and aggressive manner;
  • disturb the resting (sleeping) passengers without any necessity;
  • smoke during the flight, including electronic cigarettes;
  • use the emergency-rescue equipment without the crew's instruction;
  • make a video recording or photo shooting;
  • disobey the firefighting rules, sanitary hygienic and sanitary anti-epidemic rules;
  • violate the rules for transporting dangerous materials and items;
  • disobey the flight safety rules (attempting to open the aircraft door, hatch, refusing to fasten the safety seatbelts, smoking in a not assigned place, etc.).

In order not to create disturbance in the work of the sensitive and navigation devices of the aircraft, it is prohibited to use mobile phones during the entire duration of the flight for safety reasons.

Electronic devices on the aircraft board and those used by the passengers or the crew members may affect the navigation system and AC radio communication media work.

Therefore, as well as based on the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) recommendations and  civil aircraft manufacturers it is prohibited:

  • to use radiophones, radio receivers, radio transmitters, TV sets, toys with remote control, wireless network devices.

Note: The radiophones should be switched off irrespective of their location either in the baggage or in the hand luggage.

  • During the taxiing, take-off, lift-off, descending and landing of the aircraft it is prohibited to use portable computers, movable computer printers, video cameras, cine-cameras, reproduction devices (tape recorders, CD and cassette players, other laser devices), photo cameras, electronic toys, electronic devices  and devices that have  light-emitting diodes.